Using Worldwide Brands and Salehoo

Finding suppliers with directories such as Worldwide Brands and Salehoo is easy to do – a great deal of the hard work has been done for you by the directory editor, who goes out to find suppliers, researches and then certifies them.  The main benefit of directory membership, which can be expensive at as much as $299 for Worldwide Brands, is that all of the wholesalers and drop shippers that are listed have been certified as legitimate.  They are all safe to deal with, which can save you a lot of money and time which would otherwise be spent testing out suppliers.

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo work in much the same way – and they both offer a very similar service.  The main differences are that while Salehoo lists about 2.5 million products and costs $67 per year for membership, Worldwide Brands has more than 16 million and charges a one off fee of $299 for membership.

When you're looking for suppliers there are both categories to browse and you can of course search the database by keyword.  Simply find a list of suppliers and start contacting them individually.  You can filter your search results by the country the supplier is located in and the form they are willing to supply in, for example, whether or not they drop ship or sell in light bulk.

Although contacting each supplier individually can be time consuming, in the long term the relationships you build with your suppliers this way should be make the extra effort worthwhile.