The Different Types of Law Firms


Law firms are based on size and shape. When it comes to a lawyer, some law firms have a single attorney while others have more than one. To solve a legal matter, it is important to choose the correct law firm depending on the size and type of issue. For example – for solving criminal case, you will require a criminal lawyer. For construction related issues, it may be best to hire a construction lawyer. Since the world of law is huge, choosing the right lawyer from the right law firm is a must. Law firms are divided in to 3 types.

  • Solo Law Firms – You will find that a solo law firm will always have a single lawyer. This type of lawyer will help in solving general cases such as family law, personal injury law and so on. They may also specialize in one particular field of the law. The major benefit of working with an individual lawyer is that their fees are less provided you have a small legal issue to get resolved.
  • Small Law Firms – Based on the size of such law firms, you will find a maximum of 10 lawyers working together. Also known as ‘Boutique Law Firms’. The lawyers can help their clients in solving simple to complicated matters. Similar to solo lawyers, these lawyers can provide personal attention to their clients.
  • Large Law Firms – These law firms have dozens of lawyers along with a few number of employees. Such law firms are located in bigger cities and countries. These lawyers can solve multiple number of legal issues for their clients such as business transactions, large litigations and criminal defense.

If you have construction related issues, then you can easily find a lawyer from these firms who practice construction law in Australia.