Tips For Choosing Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Steel has the ability to resist heat handling; it’s easy to find stainless steel pipe fittings with just the right amount of carbon for any purpose.

Ferritic stainless steel is often used when projects require too much steel due to lower costs and standard use.

If you want to get more information about ‘stainless steel pipe fitting’ (which is also known as ‘ข้อต่อท่อสแตนเลส ราคา‘ in the Thai language) then you can visit online websites.

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Austenitic stainless steel is commonly used in the automotive industry because of its resistance to erosion. Because of its strength, Stainless Martensite steel is used in the manufacture of wires and springs.

However, once the Carbon content reaches 1.0%, it is solely used for non-industrial specific functions.


Stainless Steel 316 Pipe Fittings are usually used for industrial functions such as commercial construction, electric power, refining crude oil and also building ships, but also commonly seen in households.

 They are used for fire sprinkler systems and pipes that carry water, varieties of flammable gas, oil or steam. Because of the addition of Stainless to steel, Stainless pipes and pipe fittings are also far more resistant to rust.

Again, chrome-plated pipe fittings will also facilitate to prevent rust and will make the steel look new polished. Because chrome coating contains a naturally bright appearance, it is more widely used in the automotive industry.